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Maria-Sara, who goes by her full given name, was born and raised in Milan, Italy, where she decided early on in her life she would grow up to tell stories to make people happy, since, as a shy and bookish child, stories never betrayed her. Her goal was to learn everything about storytelling from antiquity to the modern day so she studied Classics and was an actor in the Makia Theatre Company, before moving to England to earn her BA in Literature and Drama. She graduated from her MFA at the University of Southern California where she found her vocation as a writer-producer making multiple short films, some of which with her creative partner, Max Pearce with whom she co-founded Bantam Bears Productions. After graduation Maria-Sara has been working in TV associate producing Emmy nominated shows Nailed It! and Love is Blind both available on Netflix. She co-produced feature film Jack&Lou: A Gangster Love Story and is now working to expand the reach of Bantam Bears in Europe.


Full Resume Available on Request

Love is Blind S4
2023 on Netflix

Associate Producer

Nailed It! Halloween
2022 on Netflix

Story Associate Producer

Apotheosis, 2022
Short Proof of Concept

Writer - Producer - Production Designer

Alpine Universe's "The Hunter"
Music Video, 2022


Nomad, 2022
Short Proof of Concept

Producer - Production Designer

Hardcore Halbert, 2021


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