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Apotheosis - Trailer

Apotheosis - Trailer

Short Films Matter

"An immersive futuristic sci-fi drama about human endurance.
Max Pearce has created an astonishing cinematic experience, which will no doubt stun the viewing audience. The film is an accumulation of distinguished craftsmanship – from production design to onscreen talent."


Directed by Max Pearce
Produced by Maria Sara Santoro

Selene, a young aerospace engineer, dreams of going to space, but she was born naturally in this near future society where the first generation of genetically engineered humans has more privileges than the others. When her mother loses her job, Selene decides to compete against genetically engineered humans to secure a job position on the first habitable space colony, Rusk Venture's Ourania. She'll be competing against her friend Fabrizio, Rusk's engineered son.

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